The workshop is located in the centre of the main oil and gas basin in Ukraine in the city of Poltava and has the total area of 1,000 m2. The shop is equipped with a high-tech hydraulic break out unit with log-master for disassembly and assembly of downhole tools, and jar tester both manufactured in Canada. Since the first stages of construction, leading experts of Wenzel Downhole Tools (Canada) have been involved to ensure compliance with international standards of quality and safety. The equipment is arranged in the shop so that the process flow of maintenance is organically organized in order to ensure a just-in-time supply of high-quality downhole tools to our Customers. The entire maintenance cycle is performed in strict compliance with the procedures established by Wenzel Downhole Tools.


1. Pre-Washing

After downhole tools return from job, primary cleaning of their outer surface from dirt, mud, and rust is performed;

2. Tool Disassembling

At this stage, all thread connections of downhole tools are break down by a high-torque hydraulic breakout unit and all disconnected components are placed on the workbenches in the process of disassembling;

3. Main Washing

Components are washed for the second time in a special solution for degreasing and for full cleaning of their surfaces of lubricants and residual dirt;

4. MPI Inspection

In the next stage, every detail is mandatory subjected to magnetic and ultrasonic non-destructive testing methods. Timely detection of micro cracks minimizes the risk of breach of the mechanical integrity of Wenzel downhole tools in the borehole;

5. Technical Control

Components that have been subjected to non-destructive testing are subjected to the second stage of the output control, namely the geometric dimensioning and the visual inspection of chrome surfaces. This procedure is regulated in the technical documentation supplied by Wenzel;

6. Tool Assembly

The tool assembly process begins with the preparatory work: greasing of components, installation of rubber seals etc. Each part is installed according to the defined sequence; make up of all thread connections is implemented by the hydraulic breakout unit, the torque values are recorded;

7. Painting

At the final stage of maintenance, the tool is painted in the Wenzel corporate colour, and technical parameters (type, diameter, thread size etc.) are applied to the tool surface. After that, the downhole tools are ready for operation and are returned to the warehouse;

8. Testing

Drilling jars are subjected to input and output control using a special hydraulic test stand. This, in turn, allows for checking their performance before they are sent to job location.