About us

Cooperation between UNGS and Wenzel Downhole Tools started in August 2013, which marked the beginning of the UNGS activity in the oilfield service market of Ukraine. Construction of workshop for the downhole tools maintenance started in November of the same year. The project of construction and subsequent operation were developed in cooperation with qualified specialists of Wenzel, which guarantees compliance with international standards of safety, reliability, and quality of materials. Interior finishing work (reinforced concrete covering creation, crane beam installation, and office premises in the shop creation) were performed from scratch. The shop has been equipped with a high-tech hydraulic breakout unit for downhole tools disassembly and assembly and with jar tester manufactured in Canada. The total shop area is 1,000 m2.

The new workshop was commissioned in September 2014, and the official Grand Opening ceremony took place in November 2014 in the presence of heads of mining and drilling companies, representatives of Poltava Regional Administration, and the Ambassador of Canada to Ukraine. 

Workshop mechanics perform the full cycle of downhole tool maintenance. UNGS is the only company in Ukraine that performs full maintenance cycle of downhole equipment produced by Wenzel Downhole Tools (Canada), a global leader in downhole tools manufacturing. The other similar service shop in Europe is located in Germany.

Achievements, advantages, facts

UNGS has extensive experience of operations in the toughest conditions such as hard and abrasive volcanic rocks of the Eastern Carpathians or the rocks with high reservoir pressure gradients of up to 1,075 bar and static temperatures of up to 138 °C.

Downhole motors manufactured by Wenzel have already been used in 52 wells in different regions of Ukraine since September 2013 and the total of more than 55,000 m drilled thus far;

WZL downhole motors have been successfully used to drill 20 directional and 17 horizontal wells; the longest horizontal well bore section was 210 m;

The average drilling rate using rotary drilling at the depth of 3,300 m was 0.25 m/h in Lannivske field. After including Wenzel downhole motor to the BHA in the 165 mm drilling string, the average drilling rate reached 8.7 m/h. Thus, a 35-fold increase in the drilling rate was achieved, which resulted in increased in well-deepening rate. During the first test run (4 days) in the section represented by Upper Carboniferous rocks, stone and coal deposits, the well was drilled for 316 m in the range from 3,355 m to 3,671 m.

In total, 2,600 m have been drilled at depths exceeding 5,000 m;

The use of Wenzel Downhole Tools downhole motors in the mud with the density of 2.15 g/cm3 allowed obtaining ROP of 2.5 m/h in the range from 5,290 m to 5,480 m. For comparison, the rotary drilling method in the range from 5,480 m to 5,520 m featured the average ROP of no more than 0.7 m/h.

We already reached some records in the meters drilled per run for certain motors sizes:

4-3/4" => 817 m after 180 drilling hours (the average ROP: 4.5 m/h);

6-1/2" => 1,027 m after 120 drilling hours (the average ROP: 8.6 m/h);

8" => 1,192 m after 136 drilling hours (the average ROP: 8.8 m/h);

8" => 1,209 m after 72.25 drilling hours (the average ROP: 16.74 m/h).

Our team

Igor Vitryk

Managing Director

With more than ten year experience in oil & gas industry, Igor took helm of UNGS in 2013.

Prior to this, Igor worked as MWD engineer at Sperry Drilling, Halliburton in Aberdeen, Scotland working offshore in the North Sea for 5 years.

His career in the oil and gas industry began at Burova Technika (Ukraine), where Igor worked as an information manager while still attending University.

Waldemar Eippert

Technical Director

Waldemar has over 20 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. He joined UNGS in 2013 from Halliburton, where he worked as a corporate business development manager for Germany and Continental Europe.

His experience in the oil and gas industry began in July 1997 on position of a district application engineer, where he also worked with coring tools. Subsequently, he was employed as a drill bit designer, a reservoir assessment expert, a coordinator of the district manager, and a regional manager. His team worked on designing and application of drilling equipment in the fields of Continental Europe and West Africa. He also worked on all types of drilling rigs in Austria, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Lithuania, France, Portugal, and Germany.

Waldemar holds a Master of Mechanical Engineering diploma from the Higher Technical School of Hannover (Germany).

Serhiy Landar

Head of Service Department

Serhiy is directly in charge of service department, working closely with Customer technical staff on a pre-job phase, help with selection of downhole tools for specific wells and solve operational issues. The department led by Serhiy coordinates the work of field engineers, controls service quality and provides 24/7 technical support of operations.

Before joining UNGS team Serhiy worked at Ukrburgaz Drilling Administration for several years after graduating as a Mechanical Engineer for the Oil and Gas Field Equipment from Poltava National Technical University.

Yevhenii Symonenko

Workshop Supervisor

In 2015 Yevhenii began his career at Company as an assistant of Mechanic for Downhole Tools Maintenance in the Workshop. In 2016 he was transferred to the position of Mechanic and in the summer of 2017 was appointed as Workshop Supervisor..

Yevhenii coordinates the maintenance of all downhole tools.

Yevhenii graduated from Poltava National Technical University with the Mechanical Engineer diploma.